Open Source

Introducing Our Open Source Plan

At Pickle Solutions, we are using open source projects on a daily basis. Almost all the tools we use to code, build, design or test our projects are open source and even our blog engine is too! Without this philosophy we would not exist today, and we are sure that even the Internet itself would have been a really different place.


The open source community is amazing and our Ethereum ecosystem is too! So we have been thinking of a way to offer something back to thank the community. We’ve helped people on Discord servers, created a couple of projects and thought about creating a series of tutorials too. But honestly this isn’t much.

So we decided to offer something more and to provide free services to open source projects! What kind of services? Well, all the services that we usually provide to our clients, such as smart-contracts development, design or even security audits and code reviews.

We are willing to help any open source projects building something related to the Ethereum blockchain. Such as smart-contracts or dapps development tools (libraries, frameworks, …) or even nonprofit and educational organizations!


Maybe you are wondering why we don’t just contribute directly to projects on Github? With this plan, our goal is to support small projects, that may be unknown today, and help them build something useful for the ecosystem!


If you are looking for more information or if you are interested in our Open Source Plan, feel free to read this page or contact us directly!

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