Open Source Plan

At Pickle Solutions, we are using a lot of open source projects each day. Now we want to offer something back and help this awesome community. In addition to our own open source projects (available here), we decided to offer free services to help the ecosystem grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects are you helping?

We are helping any kind of open source projects related to the development of smart-contracts and decentralized applications for the Ethereum Blockchain. For example: libraries, tools (to help create, build, design or review code) or even frameworks!

What kind of help can you provide?

We offer what we do best: smart-contracts development, front-end design, security audits and code reviews!

Do you help nonprofit and educational organizations too?

Absolutely! Our goal is to spread the knowledge and present Blockchain technology to a maximum amount of persons around the world.

How do you select projects?

It’s simple! We choose projects that excite us and that could use our help in some way.

If you are interested in our Open Source Plan, feel free to contact us!