Smart-Contracts and Decentralized Applications Development

Are you planning on creating a new decentralized application, a crypto-game or even your own crypto-currency? We use the Ethereum blockchain and its amazing capabilities to help people build amazing projects!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects can you make?

We are able to build any kind of projects, from crypto-games to financial applications, including crypto-currencies or crypto-collectibles!

What kind of tasks can you handle?

We can handle any kind of tasks during the development of your project, from writing the first line of code to the deployment on the blockchain.

Who are your clients?

We have all kind of clients: some of them are crypto-related companies, others are just companies trying to understand Blockchain and to build their first project and some of them are just individuals wanting to create their dream project!

What tools do you use?

In most cases, our smart-contracts and decentralized applications are written using Solidity, along with the Truffle framework and the Open Zeppelin library. However, we are able to use different tools such as Vyper if needed.

Want to have a look at what we have done? Please visit our Github repo to see our most recent works.